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A Night of Unstageable Works

Produced by
Melina Rabin & Cindy Xu

What do we mean by unstageable work? “Unstageable work” is any text or piece of art that was not created with the intent of being a staged performance.

A Night of Unstageable Works (Full Performance Video)

A Night of Unstageable Works (Full Performance Video)

With “A Night of Unstageable Works”, we wanted to give artists the chance to experiment and get creative. We looked for solo artists and groups to take an “unstageable” work and, well, stage it!


Izzy Levy Shabbat at the Levy's

Anvita Gattani Space

Melina Rabin - Kafka Diary Entries

Stella Wunder and Lillian StoweUntitled Ethel Cain Piece

Daniel Oliver LeePoem + Monologue (“headless” piece)

Anna Barrett and Maya Patridge - Where the Sidewalk Ends

Emerson HelmbrechtKangaroo Court

Sammy Rivas and Calvin Osorio Witches Sabbath

Artemis Zara Gultekin - Why isn’t anyone doing my makeup?

Lighting & Sound Design by Heather Lynn Wong

Special thanks to Invisible Disco Productions

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