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Kevin Loh

In search of new beginnings away from their traditional parents’ expectations, aspiring chef Sam finds himself an unlikely roommate in wannabe comedian Zoya. Now, the two must help one other achieve their dreams or risk sticking to the status quo.

Our proof of concept web series of the same name received awards and recognition from the following film festivals:

Cannes International Shorts
New York Shorts International Film Festival
Manhattan Film Festival
International Manhattan Film Awards
LA Indies
Web Series Festival
NY Pause Film Festival
Toronto Film and Script Awards

Official Selection
Official Selection
Official Selection
Official Selection
Best TV Series/Pilot/Web
Best Student
Honorable Mention for Best TV Pilot

A TV show based on the web-series of the same name.


With Fitting, I aim to share a story about self-discovery in New York City where rejection fuels one's pursuit of dreams. The significance lies in portraying a POC/immigrant narrative, echoing my own experiences. I'm drawn to exploring the friendship between Sam, a first-gen American, and Zoya, a Philadelphian, as it influences their lives and careers. Their diverse cultures and religions deepen our connection as individuals. In short, 'Fitting' embodies the essence of New York City—where conformity is challenged, allowing one to become whoever they aspire to be. The journey of navigating life in one's twenties, filled with highs, lows, surprises, and companionship in self-discovery, resonates as a core theme.


Creator: Kevin Loh

Executive Producer: Sònia Victoria Werner

...and many many more! Check back here for an updated cast and crew list.


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