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Where Daisies Bloom

Maya Daughtry

In a race against time, a father, now navigating life with a new family, confronts his turbulent past as he struggles to reconnect with his daughter from a past marriage.

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A short film based on the feature-length screenplay of the same name.


Where Daisies Bloom is a heartfelt drama that follows Adrian, a successful lawyer with a supportive wife and beautiful son. Everything in his life is perfect except there's one thing missing: Ava, his daughter from a previous marriage who wants nothing to do with him. She is preparing to move overseas and Adrian tries his best to mend their relationship before she departs. This proves to be difficult for him as Ava will not speak to him or even be in his presence. It also doesn’t help that his ex-wife despises him and is not eager to mend her daughter’s relationship with her father. The narrative follows Adrian’s present struggles with glimpses of the past, where we witness a different dynamic—an adoring daughter and the complexities of Adrian's first marriage. This story delves into themes of family, hope, and the human experience, framed against a backdrop of nostalgia.


Writer & Director: Maya Daughtry

Executive Producer: Sònia Victoria Werner

Producer: Heather Lynn Wong

...and many many more! Check back here for an updated cast and crew list.


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