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Decaer or and Waiting and

Written by
Sònia Victoria Werner

At its core, Decaer or and Waiting and is an experiential dramedy centered around the individual grieving process within a culture that historically prioritizes the collective. It's a story about the loss and mortality of an individual amidst the self-discovery of another. It explores themes such as Spanish/Latinx mythology, the impact of language barriers on understanding, the transitions between the stages of grief, celebration and grief in community, the distance between three realms of life (Womb, World, Afterlife), and a fragmented identity, triumph, and concept of 'you'.

Decaer or and Waiting and

Decaer or and Waiting and

Decaer or and Waiting and was selected as the NYU Tisch StudentWorks Spring 2022 production and had its world premiere at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Shop Theater.

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Directors: Alex Oleksy & Francisco Morandi-Zerpa

Writer: Sònia Victoria Werner
Producer: Mitzy An Jiménez
Stage Manager: Alexander Kellarakos-Yepez
Dramaturg: Melina Rabin
Scenic Designer: Alicia Cabrera Tactuk
Costume Designer: Jasmine Canjura
Assistant Costume Designer: Maia Kahn
Sound Designer: Heather Lynn Wong
Lighting Designers: Alicia Cabrera Tactuk & Alexander Kellarakos-Yepez
Composer: Sammy Rivas
House Manager: Ryan Murray
Box Office Assistants: lan Janowsky & Benny Kardesch

Production Photographer: Alicia Cabrera Tactuk

Hair & Makeup Artists: Diandra Deonanan & Sònia Victoria Werner

Show Recording Editor: Sònia Victoria Werner

Playbill Designer: Sònia Victoria Werner


NINA: Laisa Garcia
CARLA: Grace Santos
MARTA: Gianna Milici


PABLO/ABUELO: Victor Andres Marroquin

ALOJA: Maya Claridge
PIRA: Bianca Sofia Martel
SILDA: Marjorie Murillo
MORRIS: Alana Markel
CONNIE: Serena Phillip
DIDA: Shea Grant
DIANA: Giovanna Dalla Vecchia D’Assunção

SEBASTIÁN: Rafael Bryant
MAMÁ: Leyla Nikfarjam

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