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Key Lime Pie

Writer & Director
Allen Delgado

When wrongfully accused of stealing a customer’s watch, a Hispanic busser must find that watch before a slice of key lime pie is served.


Official Selection

SERGIO is a hardworking, Hispanic busser at a diner, who is wrongfully accused of stealing a watch simply because of his appearance, broken/limited English, and line of work. An arrogant BRANDON gives Sergio until he receives his slice of key lime pie to find that watch or there will be trouble. Enlisting the help of his fellow co-busser MAURICIO, Sergio goes on a wild goose chase throughout the diner in search of the watch, interacting with a moody waitress JESS, two boxing-training TEENAGERS, an intimidating SON CHEF, a loving MOM CHEF, and a slow OLD LADY. Will Sergio find that watch, or will he find the respect he deserves?


Growing up in an Ecuadorian household and having worked as a busser, I wish to bring to light the stereotypes bestowed upon the Hispanic/Latinx community, particularly those working in low-paying occupations such as Sergio. From a comedic lens, Key Lime Pie tackles several issues within the Hispanic/Latinx community, including discrimination, unfair treatment, and language barriers.


Writer & Director: Allen Delgado

Executive Producer: Sònia Victoria Werner

Line Producer: Heather Lynn Wong

In Association with: Princeton University & The Princetonian Diner

Casting Director: Liz Ortiz

Director of Photography: Diego Ruiz de Velasco

1st ACs: Aryan Bhattacharjee, Alec Deland

2nd AC & BTS Photography: Cindy Xu

Production Sound Mixer: Ethan Boll

Gaffer: Griffin Boswell

Key Grip & Boom Op: Aydin Byrd

Art Director/Set Dresser: Divya Nelakonda

Props Master: Melina Rabin

Script Supervisor: Haleigh Phillips

Production Assistant: Sophia Steele


Tizoc Diaz

Doug Trapp

Roggi Chuquimarca

Kayley Pollard

Carole Sue Forman

Justin R G Holcomb

Rebecca Thomas

Jojo Deep

Luke F. Martin

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