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In association with Stonestreet Studios and over 25 fantastic collaborators.


ODDITUDES is a blend of commercial interludes for products you know and love*, funky (and sometimes multilingual) sketches**, short comedic introductions***, and so so much more****!

*: like Decomposure Deodorant, the only deodorant made by 100% perishable fruit!

**: like the vibe of going to couples therapy with your roommate over a ... typical... roommate... dispute OR OR non-playable video game characters come to life OR Shark Tank ... but make it Minnow Pond and more... I can't give away too much here, c'mon!

***: You'll see.

****: this is getting to be too many stars. Just watch ODDITUDES :,).

ODDITUDES TRAILER // Comedy Short Series Coming Soon...

ODDITUDES TRAILER // Comedy Short Series Coming Soon...

Awardwinner-PhoenixShorts-June2023 (1).png
Semi Finalist - Melbourne Independent Film Festival - 2023.png
Semi Finalist - New York International Women Festival - 2023 (1).png
Semi Finalist - Brooklyn International Short Awards - 2023 (1).png
Semi Finalist - Santa Barbara International Movie Awards - 2023.png
Semi Finalist - Vancouver Independent MovieMaker Awards - 2023.png
Semi Finalist - Santa Ana Independent Film Awards - 2023.png
SEMI FINALIST - Phoenix Shorts - 2023.png
Semi Finalist - San Diego International Film Awards - 2023.png
Semi Finalist - San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival - 2023.png
Semi Finalist - Atlanta Movie Awards - 2023.png


Directors: Heather Lynn Wong, Sònia Victoria Werner

Writers: Sònia Victoria Werner, Kylie Marco, Melina Rabin 

In association with: Stonestreet Studios

Associate Producers: Kerry Wong, Sheldon Wong, Markus Pfeiler

Director of Photography: Michael Kirshner

Camera Operators: Michael Kirshner, Heather Lynn Wong, Julie Shin

Key Grip: Kristjan Thor

Editors: Heather Lynn Wong, Sònia Victoria Werner

Post-Production Sound Mixers: Tyrelle Massey, Thomas Wu, Effie Ogino


Leilany Celeste

Freddy Daniele

Veronica Franco

Maddie Glass

Michael Kirshner

Kylie Marco

Paris Monét

Melina Rabin

Francesca Raimondi

Julie Shin

Alex Sugar

Ekele Ukegbu

Lilly Weak

Sònia Victoria Werner

Heather Lynn Wong
Cindy Xu


Ilona L Canestrelli

Lisa DiSanzo

Henry Louie

Anthony Martins

Jessica L Mester

Cristian Muñiz

Markus Pfeiler

Rina Wen

The Werner Family

The Wong Family

...and all our anonymous donors!

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