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Directed by Anvita Gattani
Created by Shrevy Venkatesh

When a devastating tragedy strikes, an app offers two Indian brothers the option to erase the event from their memories forever.

ALONE, ALONE, ALONE ON A WIDE, WIDE SEA | Official Trailer (2023)

ALONE, ALONE, ALONE ON A WIDE, WIDE SEA | Official Trailer (2023)


In a world adjacent to our own, society has turned to BREATHE, an app that allows its user to erase moments in their life and live in eternal bliss. With their mother in the hospital, the brothers are unexpectedly reunited -but before long, their differing beliefs create a rift. Rajesh, a luddite and a realist, clings to the belief that you aren't human without struggle; Shiva, the optimist and a BREATHE addict, thinks otherwise.


Creator, Co-writer, Line Producer, Assistant Prod. Manager, Locations, Post Prod. Manager, Editor: Shrevy Venkatesh

Director, Line Producer, Casting, Prod. Design, Prod. Manager, Wardrobe, Locations, Post Prod. Manager: Anvita Gattani
Writer: Mackenzie Packer

Executive Producer, Casting Director, Locations, UPM, HMU, Post Prod. Supervisor: Sònia Victoria Werner

Producer, Casting Associate, Post Prod. Supervisor, 2nd Unit UPM, 2nd Unit 1st AC, Still Photographer: Heather Lynn Wong

Rehearsal Coordinator & Coach, Casting: Shruti Ramesh

1st AD: Anjali Moorthy

2nd AD: Kiera Williams

Director of Photography: Kyle Farscht

1st AC, 2nd Unit DP: Jorge Iglesias

2nd AC, Grip: Todd Lai

Fundraising Manager: Aditi Sridhar

Fundraising Manager: Ryan Rosenthal

Production Sound Mixer: Elias Rivera

Boom Operator: Rene Wang

Gaffer/G&E: Kelechi Ukachukwu

Head Production Designer, Set Dresser, Wardrobe: Raya Habbal

Set Dresser: Natalia Ferrara

PD Team: Ilina Bhatia

Props Master: Melina Rabin

Script Supervisor: Alexia Ureña

Fight Coordinator: Caroline Parker

Still Photographer for 3/17: Coco Jourdana

Key PA, Script Supervisor for 3/19: Daliah Bernstein

Production Assistants: Malikka Advani, Toi Malaiya Howard, Artemis Zara Gültekin

Social Media: Shrevy Venkatesh, Anvita Gattani

Editor: Marlon De Silva

Composer: Ravi Roshan

Sound Design: Yash Lonkar

Post-Production Sound Mixer: Swapnil Kulkarni

Visual Effects Editor: Inna Mikhailova

Colorist: Sawyer Gaunt


Shrevy Venkatesh

Wasim Azeez

Anita Bajpay

Nihar Duvvuri

Sònia Victoria Werner

Anvita Gattani

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