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Our shared goal is to create art that not only entertains and moves audiences, but also furthers meaningful representation on-screen and behind the scenes. 

These projects were created in association with Lighthouse Ladies.

a short film created by Sarah Whittum

When her daughter has a dream, Montse becomes acquainted with a local bird who leads her to open up about her past and face the truth of her present.


a proof of concept created by Moon Molson
in collaboration with Stonestreet Studios

An urban Black Millennial, suffering from an unnamed and untreated neurological disorder, is launched into a low-key manic quest to unravel the mystery of his mother’s suicide after his live-in girlfriend “disappears.” Sleepless, distracted, and hallucinating, he doesn’t realize that all the while, a living member of his family is mentally imploding in front of his very eyes.

Hyper_Space script first page
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